Improved Performance

Core improvements make WishList Member faster, more stable and a better experience for you and your members.

New Features

New shortcodes, Pay Per Post features, automation options and registration forms make this a must have update for everyone

New Integrations

Deep integrations with Stripe, Infusionsoft, Recurly, Clickbank Pitch Plus, MailChimp, CallLoop and others.

Improved Performance

Core improvements across the board have improved loading times for key areas of WishList Member for things like database queries, integrations and sites with a lot of posts.

In some areas (like the sequential upgrade) section, our tests are showing WishList Member performing twice as fast with less memory consumption.

That's "geek speak" for things just got a whole lot better. It's faster and has had many improvements under the hood to ensure that as your membership site grows (more members, posts and levels), WishList Member will continue to be as snappy as ever.

See the full release notes here

New Features

Our team is continuously looking at what we can do to make WishList Member even better and in this release you'll find plenty of examples that.

One area in particular was the Pay Per Post component. Now, you can add/remove multiple users from a pay per post or even an entire membership level (which makes it perfect for selling "archived content").

The registration form also has a new streamlined option and the import/export feature now supports custom fields and the option for importing to multiple levels.

Plus, a number of important "shortcodes" have been added giving you even more flexibility over displaying and protecting content within a post or page.

The primary focus on the new features are centered around improved management and customer experience making it easier for you and better for your members.

Full list of new features

New Integrations

With a consistently growing customer base, the desire for integrations with other shopping carts, autoresponders and webinar services was a common request.

So, we listened and put our head down developing some of the most exciting integrations with your favorite services. New and dramatic improvements of popular shopping carts, autoresponders, webinar services and more; you can now do a LOT more with the tools you are already using in your business.

See the full list of new integrations here

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WishList Member v2.8 Upgrade
Improved Performance
New Features
New Integrations
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Answers to Common Questions

What can I use my bonus credits for?
The credits can be redeemed for additional add on plugins created by WishList Products. All the add on plugins are listed in the customer center.
Will the points I receive ever expire?
The credits will not expire. They will be held in your customer center account until they are redeemed for add on plugins.