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    Unlimited Membership Levels

    Create multiple levels of access all within one site – including Public access so you can charge an amount suitable for those higher level content distributions.

  • 2

    Sequential Content Delivery

    Control the flow of information from a "Free Trial" to that first paid-level membership to keep your members enticed and wanting to know more.

  • 3

    Integrates With Your WordPress Site

    Whether you're building a new site or using an exising WordPress site, you can turn your WordPress site to a membership site within minutes.

  • 4

    Pay Per Post

    Only want to allow access to a single post? No problem. Using our Pay-Per-Post feature, you can charge individually for a single piece of content.

  • 5

    Flexible Membership Options

    Customize the type of membership you want to offer for your site: "Free", "Trial", "Paid", or any combination of all three. It's your choice!

  • 6

    Shopping Cart Integration

    Integrate any popular shopping cart system into your site, including: PayPal, ClickBank, Stripe, Cydec, Infusionsoft, and many other major payment providers.

  • 7

    Easy Member Management

    Provide a number of customer service options, such as viewing members' registration status, membership level, and other details.

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    Much, Much More!

    We're constantly adding new features to expand the way you can use WordPress and WishList Member to further grow and enhance your membership site.

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