Interview With WebTV Success Story Andrew Lock + Accompanying Mind Map To Help Your Business

It has been said that leaders are learners and if you invest your time in learning today, we guarantee you will be glad you did.

Let us introduce our guest, “Help My Business!” WebTV Host, Andrew Lock. There are certain people in this world that when they talk, you listen .. AND take notes. Andrew Lock is one of those people, especially if your business could use a little help.

Lock is the author of five best-selling business books, and in 2009 his show became the #1 most popular marketing WebTV show in the Apple iTunes store, beating well known ‘traditional business training’ competitors like Harvard Business Review, Advertising Age, Business Week and TED Talks.

In this interview, Lock shares the three underlying keys that helped him launch and sell more than six membership sites, grow his business-themed T.V. show to an audience of more than 100,000 viewers, and embrace the power of residual income through membership sites.

Learn the mentality behind what it takes to setup a successful membership site, how to get traffic to your site once it’s up and running, and helpful stories, strategies and tips that will inspire acceleration for your business.

Your Host, WishList Products president and co-founder, Tracy Childers addresses many of the questions trending from last quarter’s survey:

  • How to get your membership site built faster?
  • How to get new members and keep them?
  • Real ways to build community, and how to get traffic that converts?

Help Your Business Mind MapDon’t miss your chance to watch the interview here. Lock generously shares everything behind his success, and you will love his openness and candor.

Also, be sure to checkout and download the accompanying mind map—it has everything you need to capture the valuable business strategies shared by Andrew and Tracy, and those 10 valuable traffic sources you can use immediately after watching the video.

Download Now » The Help Your Business Mind Map

Andrew Lock is the creator of the #1 WebTV show for entrepreneurs, called: “Help My Business!” Lock teaches small business owners how to build a better business, and he’s added millions of dollars to the bottom line of countless businesses globally. He’s also a popular speaker and has authored five best-selling business books. Andrew is originally from England and loves sharing unconventional marketing methods.


  1. So the message is built it, now, make it valuable and be nice.

    I entirely subscribe to that!

  2. Jim Hoffman says:

    I followed Andrew a few years ago when it was “Help! My Business Sucks”. Always great shows and love the Nifty Clicks segments. For some reason he fell off my radar and I am glad WLM directed me back.

  3. erik says:

    what did you use to make the video interview recording?

    • WishList Products Team says:

      Hi Erik, we used a system called Zoom. It’s for online meetings. They have a handy little recording feature. It’s at

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