WishList Member 2.92.3566

WishList Products recently released an updated version of WishList Member. The version is 2.92.3566 and it should be available to anyone with an active support and updates plan.

This release has a number of small bug fixes and minor improvements. You can see the full Changelog here: https://customers.wishlistproducts.com/changelog

A significant change is a simple but required update for those using the integration between WishList Member and GoTo Webinar.

If you are using the GoTo Webinar integration to automatically add new members from your site to a webinar please pay close attention to the following info: You will definitely need to upgrade to this version before 12/31/17. At that time, GoTo Webinar will no longer allow connections to go through their old API URL.

On a final note, we realize we’ve been a little quiet when it comes to announcements. We’ve been working hard on what we consider to be the biggest project in our history of development with WishList Member.

Stay tuned for further details we are planning to release soon.

WishList Products is a company dedicated to creating easy-to-use tools for small business owners looking to boost their bottom line profits.
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