WishList Member 3.0 is here

Today is the day.

We’re officially releasing version 3.0 of WishList Member.

Over the past weeks we’ve shared some videos with details of the changes and what to expect.

If you haven’t seen the previously released videos you can access them with the links below…

WishList Member 3.0 Questions Answered

A More in Depth Look at WishList Member 3.0

How to get it…

It’s important to note that access to version 3.0 of WishList Member requires an active updates and support plan.

One Click Update for existing sites:

We’ve been planning for a staggered release on one click updates.

A one click update to version 3.0 will require your site to be running the very latest release of WishList Member 2.93 build 5954 and have an active updates and support plan.

If you fall into this category you should see an option for a one click update in the next 24 – 48 hours.

If you’re running an older version of WishList Member, you should see an option to do a one click update that will get you to version 2.93 build 5954.

Once you’re on the latest build of 2.93 you should have the option to update to version 3.0.

The current build number can be identified at the bottom of the dashboard of WishList Member.

Customer Center Download:

Version 3.0 is available as a download in our customer center for all customers with an active updates and support plan.

This is ideal for installing WishList Member on a new site.

Login to the customer center and click on the “My Downloads” option from either the top navigation menu or the dashboard icon.

Navigation Menu:

Dashboard Icon:

Click the Download button next to WishList Member

We’re excited about this release. It marks a big step in the future of our development plans.

Tracy Childers is the President and Co-Founder of online software development company, WishList Products. WishList Member, the companyâ??s signature product, is a powerful yet easy to use plugin that turns any WordPress site into a full-blown membership site. Business owners, authors, and information publishers across the globe have used WishList Member to power more than 100,000 membership sites, online courses and communities since 2008. Childers currently resides in Memphis, TN with his wife and children. He enjoys Snowboarding, Mountain Biking and Running.
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